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Fritz Kohl Concepts

Shareholder: Friedrich Kohl, Michael Kohl, Matthias Kohl

Our approach

The customer requirement analysis is at the beginning for us, then we develop a concept and, based on it, implement the optimal solution for you! Always aiming to deliver the best result for our customers. This is particularly characterized by our high product quality. Our innovative product development offers the finest veneers and veneer compositions for the vehicle interior – but of course also other areas of application, such as the interior design of cruise ships, yachts or musical instruments. In addition to wood, we process materials such as aluminum, carbon or recycling materials. There are no limits to the diversity, which is why we are always researching new innovative combination raw materials.

Our vision

Our aim is to always deliver the best result for our customers. The focus is on efficient and sustainable production processes as well as the well-being of our employees and the environment.

Sustainable use of environmental protection and resources

Our environment is important to us! As a manufacturing company, we are aware of the responsibility to use resources sustainably. Our timber suppliers have agreed to operate sustainable forestry, i.e. Reforest removed trees accordingly so as not to create a significant disadvantage for nature and animals. The intervention in forests always takes place in harmony with all affected living beings. Of course, we are also directly actively involved in environmental campaigns or supporting nature conservation areas. That is also why we have created a dedicated area for flowers and wild plants of all kinds on our company premises. Bees, bumblebees and other insects can feel at home there. Our products are made exclusively from pollutant-free plastics, renewable wood and other fairly manufactured materials such as aluminum. All materials are also recyclable.

Impressions of our company

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